You know, not that anybody gives a shit what I think about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy, and by no means am I suggesting by opening my mouth that anybody should be listening to me when I talk, but every post I’ve seen so far about this has been about the misogynistic comments from a dismal few (“ANGELINA - TITS = WHAT’S THE POINT,” seems to be the formula), or people responding to other people’s response to those misogynistic comments, and then it charges off into a conversation that is probably inevitable, under the circumstances, but is not one I’m interested in reading.

And I just kind of want to ignore all of that for a second to say: wow, Angelina Jolie is really brave. And when one of the sexiest, most beautiful women in the world has had a double mastectomy, and isn’t ashamed of it, and doesn’t feel like any less of a woman after having it, that’s going to mean a whole lot to millions of women. It makes me really happy, in a way that’s getting me a bit teary-eyed, to think that from now on, women going through this terrifying and psychologically difficult procedure will be hearing from all their friends: “Of course you’re still going to be beautiful! You’re going to look just as beautiful as Angelina Jolie!”

There are more important things than beauty, and there are definitely more important things than breasts. But damn, when you’re in that white hospital gown, cold and scared and feeling less beautiful than you ever have in your life, that sure would be nice to hear.


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